Potvrzuji, že jsem starší 18 let.

Alexandre Bonnet Brut Champagne Tresor Cache

Dostupnost:   SKLADEM
4000 Kč

This delicate and fine champagne should please all the pallets. Its golden robe is animated by fine and persistent bubbles. The nose bouquet is mature with seducing and pleasant notes of brioche and honey of acacia. The attack is frank with a great intensity. The characteristic of this cuvee is its lingering flavor, stressed by the presence of Chardonnay elaborated on a great vintage. GRAPE VARIETIES: 80% Chardonnay / 20% Pinot Noir DOSAGE – 10 G/L

In February 2012, while restoring an ancient building from House Alexandre Bonnet, a worker has found a Treasure of 497 golden 20 American dollars coins. Each coin had a weight of 33g, and they were created between 1834 and 1928. This Tresor was sold a year later in Florida for a total amount of €800,000. In French law, any findings are divided – half belonged to the owner and half to the one who discovered it. This lucky worker is still working at House Alexandre Bonnet